What is Mustard & Relics? It’s a boutique store located in Brighton Heights next to The Humble Barber. You can find a carefully curated collection of handmade, vintage and locally sourced goods.

Do you sell Mustard? Yes, handmade specialty mustards are currently in production and we hope to have them on our shelves soon.

How long have you been around? We opened in October of 2015

Do you buy vintage clothes? Yes, please contact the store beforehand to arrange a viewing of your items.

Do you take vintage consignment? At this time, no.

Do you take handmade consignment? Yes, please contact the store directly. We are in the process of hammering out all the details, but we are certainly excited to bring these unique offerings to Brighton Heights.

Do you buy records? Yes, Please come Wednesdays to sell your stacks of vinyl. We are looking for familiar titles from the 1950’s to current. Only 33s at this time. Rockabilly, Rock, Punk, Soul, Old Country, Indie releases, Please ask for Kelly.

Are you also a hot dog stand? Not at all, but we do brew fresh coffee daily, and often have pastries or cookies on hand for our visiting customers, free of charge when available.

How did Mustard & Relics ever come about? The three owners met by being involved with community efforts to strengthen our neighborhood school. One thing they had in common was their common love and interest for vintage and handmade.

Do you Ship? Not at this time, but check back often

Do you hold items? Unfortunately, because our floor space is limited we can only hold till the end of each business day. Just call us if you need to arrange a special pick up.



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