Mustard & Relics specializes in VINTAGE, LOCAL and HANDMADE. We look for local artists and crafters who would like to consign their handmade or locally sourced goods in our store. We stock a varied assortment of items ranging anywhere from kitchen wares to eye wear or pottery to paintings. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring this type of marketplace to Brighton Heights. Please read through the entirety of this message if you are interested in consigning with M&R. At this time we are not doing consignment for VINTAGE items.

Would you like to submit your goods? You could do this in the following ways:

1. You can email us at

2. You can message us through facebook

We will need some time with your items in order for us to make a selection. You will be notified within 15 days of submission. We would prefer that once notified, you pick up your items within a week unless otherwise arranged. Our phone # is 412-545-DEVO (3386). If we do not hear from you after 10 days your item will be donated. Please leave your contact info attached to any samples and please contain your samples to a single package.

Please include the following information with your submission:

1. Name and/or business name and contact information. Phone, Email and the neighborhood in which you reside. Because we like to emphasis LOCAL, we want to learn about you, the artist.

2 A brief description of what you make or do and how it’s done.

3. Your wholesale pricing, or if you are uncertain perhaps offer a range and we can help assist you pricing your merchandise.

4. Please include a website or etsy link, articles or photos. We are looking for something that shows your process or work.


We stock on a rotating monthly basis. Preference is given to artists who have goods that reflect the current season or upcoming holiday/events. Our physical space is often crowded with our stock in constant rotation. Real estate is tricky in our small space, so what might work one month with a consigner, might not work a different month. Please remember this when you are notified regarding your submission.

We use the first of the month as our submission deadlined for merchandise that would proceed to the sales floor for the first day of the following proceeding month. We spend the first half of each month going through our submissions and then we spend the second half of the month figuring out where the item will be placed and what can we move around to accommodate these goods. We hope your items sells and we hope that you enjoy the consigner process with M&R. Please contact us if you should have any questions through the process. Here is an example of how this timeframe might play out.: So, Brenda decided to Facebook message M&R her submission to consign. She did this on the 18th of April. Brenda makes handmade organic non edible coconut bras. Her submission will get grouped in with all other submissions that occurred between March 15th and the last day of the month. Starting the 1st, through the 15th the owners will conduct the reviewing process. Between the 16th and the last day of the month the emphasis is on determining the most perfect fit and location for every item. Once your item is selected you will see it on the sales floor by the first of the following month. We will then revisit the longevity of your item at a later date to determine a consigner end date. You will be notified timely when an item belonging to you has been sold.  All payments to our sellers will occur towards the end of the month as we conclude our routine store financial paperwork. Payout might be made either in person, or by cash, through Paypal, or perhaps a check.

Consignor Financials:

We like to do a 50/50 consigner/owner split. Please consider this when determining your wholesale price in your submission. Please consider carrying insurance on your items. M&R will not and cannot be held reliable for theft or vandalism or the wear and tear of your items. We have not yet, ever ran into an issue. With that said, we are extremely careful when we display and move around your inventory.